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Internal Floppy Drive Cable

MaxBit floppy disk drive cable are made if high quality materials. The floppy drive cables are terminated with quality IDC connectors with notches. These Floppy drive cables are available for all mfg diskette drive devices. These floppy drive cables are designed to meet all standards.
Floppy Cable
  • Floppy drive cable - 34 conductor wires
  • Floppy drive cable - Pin 1 is marked with a RED Line
  • Floppy drive cable - Works with all mfg diskette drives
Part No Description List Price Our Price Order
14020 Dual 18" Floppy Drive Cable (34C) $8.95 $1.49
14021 Quad Dual 24" Floppy Drive Cable (34C) $14.95 $2.49
14022 Single 14" Floppy Drive Cable (34C) $7.95 $1.29

MaxBit floppy drive cables are also known as, Floppy drive cables, 1.44mb floppy drive cable, 2.88mb floppy drive cable,1.2mb floppy drive cable, 3.5" floppy drive cable, 5.25" floppy drive cable, diskette drive cable.

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