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Custom Fiber Optic Cables

We can make virtually any custom fiber optic cable you need. Common custom fiber optic cables are armored, direct burial, riser, and multi-tube cables. We can also install pull eyes on longer cables to make your cable pull easier. We can make 50/125u, 62.5/125u, and 9/125u cables. We can also make polished cut, ultra polished cut, and angled polish cut ends. We can also make 10G cables. Call to get pricing.
custom fiber optic cables
  • Zip cords for multimode and singlemode
  • Multi-tube cables for indoor or outdoor fiber optic runs
  • We can also do gel filled or direct burial fiber optic cables
  • Armor for direct burial or indoor cables can be made
  • We can do common ends such as ST, SC, and LC or any other type you need.
  • Common sizes are 9/125u, 50/125u, and 62.5/125u
  • Common polishing is polished cut, ultra polished cut, and angled cut
  • We can also make 10G cables

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