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Anti-Static ESD Wrist Band

We manufacture our Anti-static wrist straps with high quality materials. Anti-static wrist straps are designed to continuously discharge static electricity on your body, which can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD). Electrostatic discharge can damage electronic equipment or cause an explosion in certain environments. Our anti-static wrist bands are manufactured with a 1 Megaohm resistor to dissipate voltage buildup. Our static strap has a comfortable elastic band that can be easily removed. The static strap has a 6' (expanded) coiled cord to keep it from becoming tangled up. You can also detach the coiled cord from the wrist band. The ground for the static strap can be attached by an alligator clip, or with a banana plug. Many PC cases have banana plug receptacle for static strips.

You should wear your anti-static wrist band on your non-dominate arm. So, if you are right handed, you would wear it on your left-hand. If you are left-handed, then wear it on your right hand. Make sure that it is plugged into a good ground source. A good ground source should be tested to ensure that no currency or voltage is present. 110v or 220v electric outlets neutral and grounds can sometimes carry a charge. If you are working on electronic equipment, they often will have a anti-static port to plug into. In that case, make sure that the electronic device is plugged into a wall socket. Also check that the port is not charged with current or voltage. Anti-static wrist bands can be used for working with electronic boards, explosive environments, fireworks, and other situations where static electricity can build up to cause a spark for a destructive or explosive discharge. If an anti-static wrist band is used outside, you can drive a grounding rod into the ground for a connecting ground. It is very important that there is NO possibility of lightning, or other electric source that can make it to the grounding rod. Not designed for high voltages.
Anti-Static Wrist Band
  • Comfortable Elastic Band with an Easy to Adjust lever
  • Hypo-allergenic elastic band
  • 6' Coiled Cord - Black in color
  • Coiled cord swivels 360 degrees
  • Detachable Cord from Wrist Band, so you can walk away from the machine
  • Banana Plug with detachable alligator clip
  • Banana Plug works with most Computer Anti-Static ports
  • One Megaohm resistor
  • Large production orders can be done for custom modifications.
  • RoHS Compliant for European and Asian countries
Anti-Static Wrist Band banana plug and alligator clip for Anti-Static Wrist Band snap off with 360 swivel for Anti-Static Wrist Band Anti-Static Wrist Band
Part No Description MSRP Each (1) Pkg (25) Case (450)
24120 MaxBit Anti-Static Wrist Strap Band $10 $3.95

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